With the family who raised me until I was old enough to go to school, I did not only get to know my best friend Kirsty, but also the beautiful breed of the Tervueren shepherd.

The father of Kirsty, John De Wolf, bred and worked with Tervueren shepherds. 
So everyday I grew up together with 8 Tervueren shepherds.

When I was one year old I got my first own dog, Raki. He was actually a guardian dog at my parent's company. Only my father and myself were allowed to come close to him as he was agressive to others.

When Raki got older, my parents got the chance to adopt a bitch and male who always ran away from their breeder's house. So our breeding story started in 1994.

From Quellelouv du Parc de Tervueren and Pitou du Parc de Tervueren Shiva came into our lives.

Since then we have always bred a few litters when we wanted to keep a puppy for ourselves.

When I went to live in an apartment in 2004 with my husband, we had no place and time for a dog.

We only survived this for 5 years, because in 2009, shortly after our son Roan was born, we moved back to the countryside.

Both my husband and I wanted a dog fast, but our tastes differed... After I showed my husband the father of our future dog, he gave in.

In 2011 Gioia des Gardiens de Cocagne came into our lives. My husband instantly fell in love... On Gioia! She is the greatest dog ever, so I'm sharing my husband with her ;-).

In 2012 our daughter Elle came into the world and since our people family was complete, it started to itch to expand our dog family, and to start our own kennel.
We named our kennel after our children Roan and Elle: "Kennel de Roanelle".

Today we occasionally breed a litter (max. 1 / year) and preferably with a touch of gray in the coat. We do our very best to make the ideal combinations, taking into account (in this order) health, character, dark masks and color.
We try to raise our dogs as naturally as possible. In this way we do not unnecessarily vaccinate and deworm. We also give as much natural, unprocessed food as possible. It would be nice if the new owners wanted to continue this, even though we can not oblige anyone.

We hope to welcome you soon at our place!

Christophe, Sofie, Roan & Elle
Family De Wae - Desmedt
Kennel de Roanelle
Brussels, Belgium